Tuesday, May 7, 2019

And, We Are Off!!!

It is truly hard to believe that we are departing for Scotland in a few hours.  I awoke early this morning, perhaps the anticipation of the trek stirred my early rise, or the continual checklists and maps running through my brain.  I tried, unsuccessfully, to will myself to enjoy my bed for a little longer, somehow the sleeping pad just doesn't compare.  Wendel was also encouraging my early rise as he loves his wet food breakfast as early as possible!

Kirsten and I have fit in some training walks during the past few weeks, mostly road walking to build some tolerance on the hard ground.  Many of these treks include a midway coffee pick-up, also a necessity to encourage many stops to rejuvenate on the trail.

The weather this day was misty rain, slightly slushy.  Perfect training weather!

The above coffer represents many of the pounds I have used to train.  The pantry will be restored now that we have had to pack the true gear into our packs! Please note, JM only purchases the British baked beans from the store since he started visiting Scotland.

Many hikers will recognize the coffee table or kitchen table decorating that can last for a few weeks prior to any thru-hike preparation.  Above are all of Kirsten's goodies.  

Thanks to Ken we will be testing the new photo gadget for our trip.  Not only will there be photos of us both, we will not have to race the timer as Ken has upped the game with a new remote triggered gadget (of course he has!!!) 

One quick picture of our upcoming route.  Kirsten and I start in Oban and finish at Dunnotar Castle!  Stay tuned for updates, although I warn I cannot write with the same humour and polish that JM manages.  Disclaimer, our blog updates may be something like: we awoke, packed up, walked 25km, set up camp and slept!  
Better be off to get ready!  Stay tuned.......

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  1. Enjoy! these are your memories. Don't be asking any stray scotsmen whats under that kilt...